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EMSAN == Electroacoustic Music Studies Asia Network

2021 EMSAN Asian Electronic Music International Forum is organized by the School of Music and Dance, Department of Art, Shenzhen University, with collaborators in Beijing, Hong Kong, and elsewhere. This is the 10th session of the EMSAN DAY symposium. The first has held in Beijing in October 2008. Subsequent events took place mostly during the Musicacoustica-Beijing festival, but also at the occasion of the WOCMAT conference, and twice in Japan. [EMSAN website]

Program booklet (abstracts, participants, other info)

Program overview

  • 8:00 Arrival of participants, distribution of the conference packet.与会者到达,分发会议资料包。
  • 8:45 Welcome address 欢迎辞
  • 9:00 Keynote speech 主题发言 (zoom)
  • 9:30 Sessions begin 会议开始
    Each presentation is divided between 每个讲示分为以下几部分: – the actual talk 实际演讲 (20’),
    – discussion 讨论(5’),
    – preparation of the next speaker 替换准备(5’)
  • 10:30 Morning break 茶歇
  • 12:00 End of the morning session 上午会议结束 12:15 Lunch 午饭
  • 13:30 Afternoon session 下午会议
  • 16:00 Afternoon break 茶歇
  • 18:00 End of sessions 会议结束
  • Dinner 晚饭
  • 19:00 Concert 音乐会


  • Marc Battier, Shenzhen University 深圳大学
  • Kenneth Fields, Central Conservatory of Music 中央音乐学院
  • PerMagnus Lindborg, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大学创意传媒学院
  • Annie Yen-Ling Liu 刘彦玲, Peking University 北京大学

EMSAN DAY 2021 CALL (closed)

A One-Day Symposium will be organised at Shenzhen University on Saturday, November 20, 2021. Any topic involving electronic music will be considered. Students are strongly encouraged to participate and propose a communication. Because the event takes place in at Shenzhen university, it is an opportunity for graduate students to make a presentation and engage in a dialog with the audience.

  • Electronic music trends in Asia
  • Composition for Asian instruments and electronics 􏰀 Building of synthesizers in Asia
  • Use of electronic sounds in Film music
  • Famous electronic music composers in Asia
  • Dance with electronic music compositions
  • Dance with interactive systems
  • Analysis of an electronic music piece, including mixed music (instruments and electronic sounds)
  • The electronic music situation in Asia: education, concerts, diffusion, gender questions

More info in the attached call:

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  1. Hello, we’re trying to hold the EMSAN Day symposium with participants physically present at Shenzhen University. However, in case we’d have to hold it online, we’ll let everyone know as soon as possible.
    In any case, looking forward to a great event.
    Marc Battier
    Organizer, EMSAN Day, Shenzhen University

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